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Which Portable Infrared Saunas Are Best For You?


Saunas date back to the early Proto-Germanic era and were used back then as traditional Finnish baths. With recent technology, infrared saunas are now more commonly used than the traditional types. 

Portable infrared saunas are lower in temperature but with effective heat penetrating capacity. Unlike the traditional kind, these portable saunas are compact and offer more benefits. These benefits are wide ranging and include detoxification and weight loss.

Portable Sauna For TravelingThe Science Behind Portable Infrared Saunas

The sun emits infrared light that is invisible, and yet we can feel it on our skins. The same light is used in saunas are to penetrate tissues, induce sweat and detoxify our bodies. Recent studies have also backed up these health benefits to show that saunas are good for a healthy heart, can reduce pain, and possess life-extending properties.

Heat treatment has been used as a form of healing for thousands of years. Native Americans, Eastern Europeans and Ancient Chinese civilizations used hot baths and sweat lodges to reduce stress, increase relaxation and detox. But today, infrared saunas have replaced these forms of heat treatment. 

Even though saunas, in general, have come a long way since ancient civilizations, portable infrared saunas still stand out because it uses heat and light to help relax and detoxify the body. It is different from your regular sauna because it directly penetrates your skin without heating up the air around you. This is ideal for homes and personal use because even though your body is heated up, your environment will remain normal. People who cannot stand the heat in a traditional sauna will benefit more from an infrared sauna because it does not produce heat, dryness or steam.

Why You Should Own any Portable Infrared Saunas

When we are in a sauna, our bodies go through a process called 'hyperthermic conditioning.' This state improves our hearts and overall physical performance. This type of physical conditioning is just one of the many reasons why a portable infrared sauna is necessary for personal use. Below are some of the benefits:


  • A portable infrared sauna will help you relax

By balancing your body’s cortisol levels, infrared sauna therapy will help you relax. Cortisol is the primary stress hormone which increases when we are under stress. With a portable infrared sauna your body will relax as your cortisol level decreases.

  • Infrared therapy will reduce pain

Pain is caused by muscle ache and joint pain. With increased circulation, muscle ache can be drastically reduced and joint pain will be relieved. Therapy with infrared saunas will send blood and oxygen to your extremities keeping your muscles loose and pain-free.

  • A great way to detox

Detoxification is a process that the body uses to rid itself of toxins. One way of doing this is by sweating. When we sweat, our body naturally eliminates toxins and infrared therapy is known as one of the most effective detox methods because it removes 5-6 times more toxins than other detox methods.

  • It stimulates thermogenesis for weight loss

There is an ongoing debate on whether sauna heat actually promotes weight loss. What we know for sure is that people lose some water weight after a session. While research is ongoing to determine its weight loss abilities, infrared saunas will continue to be used in various weight loss programs to boost thermogenesis.

  • Anti-aging and skin purification

When toxins are expelled from your body, you will have a clearer, softer and healthier looking skin. Your skin will look younger and more revitalized. This anti-aging effect of portable infrared saunas is one of its popular features today.

Easy Set Up Portable Infrared SaunaOwning the best portable infrared sauna comes with many health benefits. There is also the accessibility, portability and price advantages. Having one in your home makes it easy to use anytime you want without going to a spa. You can also set it up easily in just a few minutes. And most importantly, it is cheaper to install than any other type of sauna. Portable infrared saunas are also light weight and easy to set up! From a maintenance perspective, these saunas are trouble-free and require little or no maintenance. 


Infrared Portable Sauna + Negative Ion Detox

You may have noticed that the bestselling sauna products are infrared portable sauna + negative ion detox ones. These are portable systems that come with negative ion detox to naturally revitalize your health. 

Infrared portable sauna + negative ion detox is a portable infrared sauna that comes with an electrical field that is filled with negative ions. These negative ions are the same as what is available on the high plateaus and highlands. They help with mental, physical and emotional healing. This restorative ability is achieved by first creating the right balance between negative and positive ions in every cell of the body. All the benefits of a portable sauna are amplified when negative ions are used for detoxification. 

Why negative ions and not positive ions?

When people hear the word 'negative,' they mostly wonder why something designated as negative could ever be good for the body. But, if you have a high acidic pH (Acidosis of the blood) you will need an influx of negative electric ions to balance your pH. Another reason negative ions have become so popular these days is that the more negative ions flowing through your blood, the more efficient your metabolic rate will be. 

The best portable infrared saunas that come with negative ions are extremely popular these days because they are a combination of infrared technology and negative ions. Both components on their own are great for the human body, but when combined are supercharged to heal the skin, cells, immune systems and metabolism. 

We are surrounded by ions; inside and outside, ions have a significant influence on the human body. When negative ions reach a certain level, they strengthen the body's resistance and immunity to diseases. Because 85% of the negative ions are absorbed from our skin, almost all of the portable infrared saunas can be one of the best ways of administering this therapy effectively. 

NASA successfully used infrared technology to reduce the painful side effects of radiation and chemotherapy. As results of emerging research is unveiled, we expect to hear of new ways that the technology can be applied. Although many people have discovered the health benefits of infrared saunas, some are still in the dark about this amazing therapy and how it can help heal and improve many health conditions.


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